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LIO 2011 Mission Report

The ministry team composed of Pastor Walter Matete of Special Ministries, Kenya, John and Kimberly Hauenstein of Into The River and Sango Otieno of Love Inspired Outreach served jointly for a period of 10 days in Sijoa area of Busia County and for a period of 4 days in Mambai area of Vihiga County. Bob Nicol and the CrossWay International crew drilled the Sijoa Primary School water well and ensured that water was flowing at the appropriate pressure.

Sijoa Primary School, about 40 km (~24miles) from the Ugandan border and a mere 15 min. drive North of the Equator is now the envy of many neighboring schools because it has clean water in abundance. Located in the close proximity to Lake Victoria (~9miles, possibly at an altitude of about 4,000 ft. The school sits on a large (estimate 8+ acres) plot on the edge of a beautiful valley, with short green mountains all around and Lake Victoria just beyond. And, as is typical, the host community is quite inviting; the children energetic and curious as always and the school teachers and government officials gracious and charming. Because of its central location from surrounding primary schools as well as flat playgrounds, it hosts sport competitions and hence the idea of drilling a water well at this location was timely and a huge breakthrough.

The Testimony:
The water was running over after 10 days and the people were full of gratitude. The area government administrator remarked “it is God who had done the work and not anyone’s power”. During the 14 days of ministry (June 5th—June 19th) approximately 2000 decisions for Christ were made! We played The Jesus Film in the people’s heart language. Some people who watched had never before seen a motion picture. Towards the end of the two and a half hour movie, Pastor Walter of Special Ministries, Kenya, would stop the movie to talk about the significance of Christ’s coming on earth, dying on the cross and the appropriate response for each one is to repent from the sin that entangles us and be filled by the Holy spirit: a first step being to accept the free gift of eternal life that has been purchased by the death of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

My general impression of God’s purpose for the trip is, before you see anything take place on the outside, you first have to get a picture down on the inside, of what the potential and possibilities are, Hebrews 11:1. “Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see” (NLT). That God would choose to have me (us) witness many in awe at the sight of seeing and tasting clean drinking water and by His power hear testimonies of those who for the very first time experienced the joy of the Lord after reading the story book “Sango and The Well” is sweet to say the least. I am thankful to God for putting a hedge of protection over us and giving us joy to be an encouragement to those we encountered from village to village. Continue to pray for our new Kenyan brothers and sisters in Christ and for the ability to minister with them in the future. Praise be to God. Glory ! Glory! Halleluyaaaaaahhh! x2

In their own words…..
“… Exodus 17:6 – “I will stand there before you by the rock at Horeb. Strike the rock, and water will come out of it for the people to drink.” So Moses did this in the sight of the elders of Israel.”, NIV – and Sango with his Team did this in the sight of the elders in Sijoa.”, Tom Bruins, June 7th 2011
“… So, I shall save you all the details, but after 2 days of installing the well pump, elevated tank and pipes, and solving a major electrical supply problem, we were able to complete Sango’s Well and fill the tank to overflowing. The excitement of the remaining few parents, teachers and students, as it was approaching dark when this was accomplished, was still well worth the effort, I can tell you this. And to watch as they simply filled their buckets and washed their hands at various spigots we had placed around the school, well, it was just satisfying, to say the least.”, Bob Nicol, Crossway International Engineer.
“… Thanks for the great and wonderful pictures and story of God’s marvelous doing in Sijoa. It’s true God’s time is the best. It’s unbelievable Sijoa Primary School is among the first schools and village to have an electric power operated well in Busia county. For sure we need to trust in God for everything and HIS will, will be done. I always compare Sijoa village to Nazareth where Our Lord Jesus Christ was born. John chapter 1 verse 46. Thanks once again and Glory be to our Savior and Lord.”, John from Sijoa Village.

Looking ahead: May/June 2012

• Show The Jesus Film to people in various communities
• Distribute Bibles to people in various communities

Community Outreach Programs

• Source of water for Sigulu Primary School, located 3km from Sijoa Primary School

• Drill a water well and install a 800 gallon storage tank that will supply water to over 3,800 people & Initiate a garden in Sigulu to provide fresh vegetables for the community

• Sijoa Church building construction to move forward (stalled since 2007), when completed will provide a large building for various outreach programs in the community.

• Our vision is that people come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, and to become a part of a local church congregation, where they can be taught the Bible and grow spiritually. A church building is a tool for a church congregation to reach out to people.

• “Mambai Fest 2012” [Pig Roast Hawaiian Style]

• Medical help to determine exact nature of disability and type of appropriate help for 4yrs old Flavias, who has never uttered a word, and cannot sit without support, move or hold any object.

• Watch God’s harvest

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