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Mambai Water Well

Mambai Water Well was established in July 2013. Below Pastor Walter and Francis are inspecting the Water flow from the community tap / spigot at Mambai Primary school.
The USAID placed a chlorine water treatment tablet dispenser. Once they fetch water, community members can use the tablets to disinfect the water in the containers. For more information regarding the chlorine water treatment tablet dispenser: http://www.usaid.gov/news-information/frontlines/open-development-development-defense/chlorine-save-lives.

Electricity is back. The welder is wrapping up the control panel house.
01 Welder
02 Welder
The control panel has a permanent home.
05 Wiring
Signage permanently mounted on the tank stand.
04 signage
Plumber verifying the flow of water from the bore hole.
06 Pump test
Tom listening from the tank stand to the sound of water bubbling into the tank.
07 Tom tank
Pump installation Technician explaining to the the Well Committee Chairman what has been done.
08 Sign off
It is thanksgiving prayer time.
09 Well Committee
The joy of having access to clean water is evident. Praise be to God from whom all blessings flow!
10 Filling
11 filling
12 filling

Thank you for believing that the miracle of clean water would be experienced by many who until today had the stream which looks like the picture below.
Thank you for your continued prayers and all the gifts that made this LIO 2014 Mission a success. To God be the glory, great things He has done!
Asante Sana YESU!

Day #11

Tom, Collins & Francis spent the early part of the morning cleaning the Mambai Well water tank. It was a much needed service indeed!
01 Tank Cleaning
02 Tank Pop
It takes about an hour and a half to drive from Mambai to Shirumba. At approximately 11:45 am the Technical crew from Davis arrived at Shirumba to install the pump.
05 Davis & Shirtliff
The first step was to verify that all the necessary pump installation components were on site. Walter signed off on behalf of the Well Committee.
06 Signing
At approximately 1:30 pm the pump installation had been successfully accomplished.
07 Pump Outlet
Pump testing/flushing of the dirty water was a fun time, it brought so much joy and excitement.
09 James & Water
08 Pump Test
10 Pump Test
At approximately 2:00 pm the Technical crew informed us they were not going to install the Control Panel until we had a water proof cover. This turn of events automatically cancelled our planned dedication ceremony. There was a lot of discouragement to pass around. But our God came through and made a way to enable us to witness the completion of the installation tomorrow morning.
11 Control Panel
An abrupt power shortage prevented the welder from completing the control panel house. Work is scheduled to continue tomorrow at 7:00 am.
12 Panel House
We did manage to pass out a few of the “Sango and the Well” books today. We hope to have an opportunity tomorrow to pass out more.
13 Sango & the Well
14 Book

Thank you for your prayers, we are thankful for all the victories and the struggles that we have witnessed. We trust that we have to some extent by the grace of God, expanded the Kingdom by word and deed.

Please surround us with prayer as things in Shirumba have taken an unwelcomed turn.
The installers are delaying the project saying we have not provided protection for the Control Panel that is satisfactory to their standards, (which they did not inform us about until now) and they are saying the Electrical service we provided to the Control Panel is not suited for the purpose, (it needs to be direct burial cable). They have packed their tools and we have been on the phone trying to negotiate with their management for quite some time now.

A welder is in the process of making a box, our crew and the local plumber are going to Kakamega to get the last pipe supplies needed and we will change the electric cable later.

And now the pouring rains have started for the first time since we have been here.

Please pray for defeat of the evil one and that God’s light will shine through us and this project.

Paul the Carpenter admiring his handy work. It took him over 4 hours to get the work done that he initially said would take 2 hours.
01 PET Paul
Paul and others loading the P.E.T. on Tuk-Tuk for delivery. Sango and Tom had the pleasure to ride across the city for the delivery.
02 PET loading
P.E.T. ready for presentation to Daniel outside his work place.
03 PET presentation
Daniel trying his newly remodeled “Personal Energy Transportation”. He was extremely thankful and told of how he can’t wait to show it to the rest of his family. He was especially happy with the added back-rest and leg support since he cannot fold his legs. He is a polio victim from age 5 and he is now 60 years old.
04 PET Daniel
Parking time with a little help on a ramp.
05 PET parking

Back in Mambai Francis is not quitting until all plumbing issues with the Mambai well are sorted out.
06 Francis
07 Cutting
Reinforcement for Francis, a professional Plumber from Shirumba village.
08 Plumber

The first Tippy Tap at the Mambai Primary School under construction.
10 Tippy Tap

The work at Mambai is not complete due to a power shortage. We are praying that while we are still in Western Kenya we’ll be blessed with the opportunity to see all the plumbing issues addressed successfully.

Pump installation at Shirumba was delayed till Wednesday to allow for the adhesive between the motor and pump unit to hold firmly. There is excitement on the ground, please pray for open hearts and that there will be no more delay.

Daniel was excited to receive an NIV Study Bible. Several of his co-workers have asked for Bibles too but we did not have any to give.
01 Sango signing
02 Tom Signing
We took Daniels P.E.T. to a carpenter for modifications. Due to the fact that he cannot bend his legs the Carpenter will be adding foot rests and an extended backrest away from the seat.
03 Getting measured
Paul is inserting the new extensions on the P.E.T.
04 New PET parts
We visited with Eric of Davis & Shirtliff who is organizing for the Shirumba pump installation scheduled for April 29th.
08 Davis & Shirtliff
While a large group of members of the Mambai village were viewing the Discipleship Video Series (Assurance of Salvation, Fellowship of Believers, The Holy Spirit, Walking in the Spirit, Growing in Christ), work on fixing the problems on the plumbing and electrical systems continued.
06 Trench
05 Control Panel
07 Panel Cover

Thanks for your continued prayers. Pray specifically for the pump installation and the well dedication ceremony at Shirumba. Also pray for the the completion of the remaining aspects of the Mambai well project.

Praise! Praise! Praise!

Sunday worship in the new sanctuary in Sijowa Village.
Samwel introduced by Pastor Teresa to read to the congregation a letter by Pastor Kathy Bartels.
Sango presenting Bibles and Discipleship materials.
Tom sharing a word of encouragement in English and James translating in Swahili.
Walter sharing the testimony of how God has continued to meet the needs of the 1st Landmark Baptist Church, Riruta, Nairobi for their building project.
Tom presenting the Building Committee Chairman a cement trowel to signify that work has just begun.
Celebration time for the “Future Leaders”!
Walter having a test of assembling the screen with minimal help at a church in Bwangangi village.
A section of the crowd watching the Jesus Film.
A call to trust in Christ alone for our salvation.
Sango distributing some discipleship materials to a group of those who watched the film.

The Sigulu Primary School well continues to serve the entire community.
We successfully put in place one tippy-tap by the latrines. We hope that the concept will be well received and utilized in many households.

Words alone cannot describe excitement and activity at the Sijoa Church in Day #4. To God be the glory:
One of the church Elders, Sango and Tom helping to level the floor under the new roof.
This is the Worship Leader at the Sijoa Church cooking Ugali for the workers.
A section of the Sijoa Church Family joined with the builders for this Historical photo.

Sijoa Primary School water well now in its fourth year shows some major wear and tear: Rotting and cracked boards under the tank.
Here is a photo of one of the Spigots that has a broken handle. General maintenance seems to be a challenge.

We were blessed to show the Jesus Film at a funeral in Sijoa village, over 100 people made the decision to trust Jesus Christ at the end of the viewing:

The Cross

Today we changed location and spent the day in Sijoa rejoicing with the Believers there about a new, much larger church building. The workers started on Tuesday digging holes and finished the iron sheeting today. The best part is the cross that stands like a beacon at one end. It has been seven years since we first wanted to help this church, and now…Glory to God from whom all blessings flow!
01 The Cross
The believers gathered for prayer after the days work.
02 New Roof
While the building work was going on those not involved watched “The Jesus Film” outside…during the day. We really like the new equipment.
03 Cinema
Our girl, Flaviyus is really enjoying her new P.E.T.
04 Flavious
Our first “Tippy Tap” was made in Sijoa today! It is used to wash hands without touching the water controls with dirty hands, you just step on the stick at the bottom and the rope pulls the bottle and water comes out. Sorry about the picture being on its side, its after midnight while I’m doing this:)
05 Tippy Tap
A walk to the Sijoa Primary School showed that the water is being used by even the very young!
06 Sijoa Water
Please pray for this little girl whose foot is swollen from “chiggers” and others like her that just need better and more available care. Thanks for standing in the gap!
07 Chiggers
Report filed by Tom Bruins, Secretary of Love Inspired Outreach

Tank Stand

Encouraging sight of community involvement. Local Plumbers and Electrician are pictured here.
01 005 Shirumba Pipe

02 005 Shirumba Elect
It is hoisting tank time on a well done tank stand under the direction of a professional Plumber. As you can see there was lots of excitement as we were challenged. It was a real work out!
03 005 Shirumba Tank 01
04 005 Shirumba Tank 02
05 005 Shirumba Tank 03
06 005 Shirumba Tank 04
07 005 Shirumba Tank 05
The “Unbeatable Shirumba Tank Hoisting Crew”.
08 005 Shirumba Tank 06
Approximately 1500 feet of trench has been dug by hand for laying the pipes for water and electrical. The community donated this labor since they are so happy to receive the gift of water.
09 005 Shirumba Trench
The joy of receiving the “virtually indestructable” soccer balls is beyond description. Enjoy the photos.
11 005 Shirumba Soccer 02
12 005 Shirumba Soccer 03
God used Francis in a number of ways to encourage us. Despite opposition, he never waivered from what he knew needed to be changed on the plumbing situation in order to have sufficient water pressure to feed all the water spigots. See the before (1″) and after (1-1/2″) pictures of the outlet pipe from the tank.
13 005 Fransis
14 005 Mambai 01
15 005 Mambai 02
This the kink in the pipe that was restricting flow to the entire system. The pipe was replaced and no longer has an elbow.
Thanks for continuing to stand with us in prayer.

Daniel and the P.E.T.

“When I met you last year you said you would come back, and you did”. That is what Daniel said to Sango when he was found at the Kisumu Public Works Building, 4th floor, without an elevator. Despite not having any contact information for Daniel, God showed us where and how to find him!
Daniel had difficulties sitting on the P.E.T. because he has braces on his legs and they do not bend. We made some modifications to the P.E.T. and he was able to try it out.
He was very thankful. Daniel is a believer and we plan to see him again next Monday to deliver a Study Bible.
004 Daniel
We had a very informative meeting with the Mambai Well Committee. The main purpose of the meeting was to emphasize that the gift of the Water Well comes with responsibility.
We shared a meal (Rice & beans, and a cup of water) together.
Amazing sight at the Community Water spigot…something most of us take for granted.
004 Kids at spigot
004 Boy with bottles
A group of 51 Adult students (Training to be Kindergarden teachers) who we were blessed to show the “Jesus Film” to on Monday were blessed again by receiving Bibles, Study guides and a Sango and the Well book.

God has been good to us. Thanks for your continued prayers.

Patrick and the P.E.T.

Patrick is doing well in school and his teachers are proud of his academic progress. He boarded the crank P.E.T.and drove away like its always been that way, to the amusement and excitement of all who were present.
The Shirumba community has the best Well Committee that we’ve worked with so far. They showed us a level of selflessness that made them transparent and gave all the glory to God!
After the committee meeting we were blessed to show the “Jesus Film” to about 100 members of the community.
About 25, including Patrick made the decision to follow Christ!
003 Lives Changed
We thank God for the improvements that we suggested and witnessed being made to the Community Water Spigot in Mambai. It is away from the classrooms and hence will not interfere with the learners.
003 Mambai Water
003 Mambai Water Cans
Thank you for continued prayers, God is faithful!!!

Chicken for Breakfast

On our 10 hour drive to Western Kenya we made a stop at the Midland Hotel and had their famous chicken for breakfast.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES
Chicken for Breakfast
Photo of Pastor Walter testing his new camera.
Walter with Camera
We Thank you for your prayers and God for the journey mercies. We made a quick visit to Mambai Primary School to check on last years well project. Water is flowing through three spigots. Here is Tom checking the tank. We’ll be going back to this village on Wednesday for various outreach activities.
Our Mission base is MAGO Youth Poly-Technic, which is a Trade School in Vihiga. We were blessed to show the Jesus Film to a group of 50 students. At the end of the showing 15 students made the decision to put their trust in Christ Jesus. We will be showing the 5 Discipleship video sequence to this group of students in the coming days.
Students at Film
We managed to assemble the three P.E.T.s and we are looking forward to delivering them one-by-one, starting tomorrow.
Please continue to pray that the favor of God will rest upon our entire Team, and that hearts will be opened to receive the Kingdom of God.

Easter in Kenya

We spent Easter Sunday worshiping with believers at the 1st Landmark Baptist Church Riruta in Nairobi.This is the church that Pastor Walter serves, and he has traveled and Evangelized with us since 2007. It was a real blessing to be a part of their service, we showed one of the videos in the “Jesus Film Discipleship Series” it was called “Growing in Christ”. It was a good test of the new equipment and a great way to strengthen their faith.1st Landmark Baptist Church
We gave small crosses to some children who stayed after church, they were very happy…thanks Amani!Children with Crosses
To wrap up the day we worked on assembling some parts of the PETs that will be given to Daniel, Patrick and Flavias this week. God is good! All the time! and Jesus is ALIVE!!!Tom Assy PET

Update on Run2O

Thank you Lifestream and Spring Valley Church of Allendale MI for joining efforts in raising funds needed to bring fresh water to the people of Africa, one well at a time.

The Trail Run will be held next weekend, April 26th. To see how you can be involved please click here RUN4Water

Here are some photos from the installation of the tank stand in Shirumba.
They are blurry but hopefully you will sense the excitement with the progress!
Sango and Tom have begun the journey to Kenya today and will be updating live soon.


The well is capable of producing enough water and has a fast recovery. Continuous pumping will improve the aquifers. The recommended depth to install pump is 50m deep. At that depth an electrical submersible pump is highly recommended instead of a deep well hand pump.

The well is 90meters deep. Pumping testing was successful. We are awaiting the report to help determine the type of submersible pump to install. The primary school has electricity connected to one of the buildings that will be tapped to run the pump.

Drilling resumed Friday as planned and plenty of water gushed out at the depth of 70m. The community should have enough to drink once the well is developed. Glory be to Our Father Who art in Heaven from whom ALL blessings (ofcourse clean drinking water) flow…

Shirumba Well Drilling

The drilling of Shirumba Primary School Well started on March 26th but temporarily stopped due to excess mud blocking the borehole. Drilling is expected to resume Friday (March 28th).

For your Information the Drilling Process:
Step#1: A hydro-geological study to locate where reservoirs or underground water springs exist as well as to establish aquifer depth with enough water in the aquifers to feed/charge/recharge the borehole.
Step#2: Seek local government permit to drill
Step#3: Mobilize and set up of the equipment at the site. To guarantee a straight well in to the ground , the mast is erected using a spirit level to ensure that the machine is set upright.
Step#4: Drilling borehole proceeds using for example an air hammer (DTH) equipement until water has been struck.
Step#5: Insert the casing/ slotted casing at the well bottom, which basically is PVC rim that supports the borehole walls to ensure that the walls do not collapse, leaving a one meter piece of PVC casing protruding above the ground level to ensure that run-off rain or other water and silt does not find its way into the borehole.
Step#6: Pack the circumference of the well on the exterior of the casing using specially graded sand or gravel that serves as a water filter.
Step#7: Build a raised slab around the borehole, which ensures that any sitting water flows away.
Step#8: Test pumping of the borehole, a process which allows for measuring how much water the borehole is yielding versus the recharging rate. Ensure water is continuously pumped out of the borehole for a sustained period. Helps determine pump to be installed.
Step# 9: Install pump
Step#10: Maintenance Contracts: Maintaining borehole pumps is desired a result of for example a declining yield, or dirty water production. This may include “flashing”/de-silting and/or replacing worn out pumps, burnt out motors and/or broken pipes, cables or control panels.

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